Why is Istanbul preferred for hair transplantations?

The unknown advantage of Istanbul hair transplant centres

Istanbul has clear advantages in hair transplantation in contrast to many other cities in Turkey and abroad. When deciding on a hair transplant center, these advantages should be taken into consideration when choosing hair transplant centers in Istanbul. As in many different areas, large cities have health advantages over small cities and large countries over small countries. When it comes to health, we want to find the best. Istanbul is a city with many options regarding hair transplant centers. Istanbul welcomes many visitors from home and abroad with its many positive aspects of hair transplantation. Istanbul has gained worldwide importance in the last decade with its possibilities and equipment.

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Istanbul has developed into a city with many hair transplant centers and competition in hair transplantation is increasing. Although we do not think positively, increased competition also improves the terms and conditions we are offered. The competitive environment created by the increasing number of health centres in a large city opens the door for mutual improvement and a better understanding of service.

What are the advantages of Istanbul for hair transplants?

Istanbul has become a preferred city for domestic and foreign tourists. The reasons for this could be listed as follows;

  • Optional: Istanbul offers many possibilities in connection with hair transplant centres. The city in Turkey where most hair transplant centers are located is Istanbul. Istanbul offers many possibilities, such as large and small hair transplant centers and reaching hair transplant doctors to be examined and have a hair transplant performed is relatively easy.
  •  Successful operations:Istanbul has become one of the leading cities in the world with successful examples of hair transplants. Thanks to successful surgeries and cheap price range, Istanbul has moved to the top among many countries and has started to accept patients from Europe, the Middle East and more recently from America.
  • Wide price range:Istanbul is a city with a wide price range in relation to hair transplants. In addition to inexpensive centers, there are also luxurious hair transplant centers. While you can choose among the hair transplant centers in Istanbul according to your own budget, you can also take advantage of a discounted luxury service when following advertisements and different time periods.
  • Latest transplantation techniques:Istanbul is a metropolis where the latest innovations in hair transplantation are closely followed. As with other developments in the medical world, the latest technologies in hair transplantation usually spread from Istanbul.

A short look at the hair transplantation in Istanbul

The fact that hair transplantation has been found with the FUE technique and the success rate of the results has increased significantly, has led to the fact that hair transplantation and the hair loss problem of the male population in the world consider hair transplantation as the right solution. While hair transplantation mistakes in the 1990s led to hair transplantation not being preferred, the risk of complications was minimized in the 2000s. As the success of a comfortable and stitch-free operation was seen, the naturalness of hair transplantation began to make itself felt and the share of the cake grew especially in big cities, especially in Turkey which is the leader, some countries appeared in the subject of hair transplantation.

Istanbul is the most popular city for hair transplants.

  • The number of hair transplants in Istanbul has increased significantly in recent years.
  • The regulations of the Ministry of Health improve the quality of hair transplant centers.
  • The experience and knowledge of hair transplant doctors have increased the number of reference hair transplants.
  •  Turkey has made great progress in hair transplantation in the last 10 years. Turkey has overtaken a considerable number of countries in the field of health tourism and has taken its place at the top.
  • There are many different options, from micro to robotic applications for hair transplants, which are being improved and changed every day and improved by various innovations.
  • Hair transplant centres, which are improving and strengthening their position in hair transplantation every day, are rapidly implementing the developments they are pursuing through seminars, trade fairs, symposiums and conferences in their centres, and are increasing the success of hair transplantation. This leads to the strengthening of the Istanbul market for hair transplants.

Foreign patients in Istanbul hair transplant centers

Istanbul hair transplant centers have increased sensitivity on some issues due to the increase in the number of foreign patients.

Nowadays, many hair transplant centers welcome patients coming from outside the city or from abroad to have a hair transplant at the airport. If desired, these centres also help patients to make the most of their stay. The number of hair transplant centres that pick up their patients from the airport, regardless of the time of day, and bring them to the centres to ensure the well-being of their patients is increasing day by day. Of course, transportation to the airport after a hair transplant in such a big city as Istanbul, where you don’t know your way around, will save you from the stress of transportation.

After a hair transplantation, which is a comfortable and problem-free operation, the person can return to their everyday life. It is one of the unique cities in the world to be announced for people who want to stay for at least 1-2 days.

As a result, Istanbul has become a preferred city for hair transplants, especially in recent years.

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