Hair transplantation

When is hair transplantation performed?

For those who have decided to have a hair transplant, it is time to choose the optimal time for hair transplantation. When will the hair transplantation take place? When should it be done? By carefully eliminating all negative possibilities for a successful hair transplant, the person knows that the right time is important in a certain sense when he or she decides to have the hair transplant performed in full accordance with the instructions of their trusted doctor.

When a hair transplant should be performed should be considered under two separate headings.

  • Precise timing in relation to the degree of hair loss
  • Correct timing with regard to the time after the hair transplant

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Precise timing in relation to the degree of hair loss

The right timing is very important for a successful hair transplantation. The question of when a hair transplant is performed is closely related to the degree of hair loss. It is not right to perform hair transplantation for people whose hair loss level has not reached a certain point, and hair transplantation should also not be performed on people who suffer from persistent hair loss. The main reason for this is aesthetic concerns. If hair transplantation is performed on a person with persistent hair loss, it will result in an unaesthetic and at the same time unusual appearance, as the transplanted hair will not fall out. If hair transplantation is performed on a person who has not yet reached a certain degree and the loss continues after the transplantation, baldness will appear in new and mixed areas and the appearance will be very unpleasant.


If hair transplantation is to be performed at the age of 20, the frequency and density of hair loss should be carefully monitored and then the best time for hair transplantation should be determined.

The best time for hair transplantation is when the hair loss is completed by 60% and the period of intensive hair loss is over. In this way, your hair loss will be analyzed and your hair transplant planning will be calculated in the most accurate way.

If hair transplantation is performed before the hair loss has reached a certain stage, a second transplantation is necessary.

In some cases, after consultation between the doctor and the patient, especially in people who have made baldness a very serious psychological problem, the planning of the second hair transplant can be considered in the early stages, but this is rarely preferred. (When will the hair transplantation be performed?)

Correct timing with regard to the time after the hair transplant

The most important factors influencing the success of hair transplantation are the rules that must be followed after the operation. Failure to follow these rules, which include a number of tasks for the patient after hair transplantation, can seriously affect the hair transplant result. Apart from some basic rules, such as protection against blows after hair transplantation, resting during the first 3 days, observing diet, avoiding smoking and alcohol, avoiding the sea and beaches are also among the issues to be observed after hair transplantation.

When choosing the time for hair transplantation, it is very important to choose a schedule where you can follow these rules after the hair transplantation. When determining the time of hair transplantation, some points should be taken into consideration.

  • You must choose a day on which you can rest afterwards.

Select a period of time for the day of the hair transplantation on which you can rest for at least 3 days. During the time you spend at home, you can rest and protect your newly transplanted hair roots from damage.

  • You should choose a period in which you can stay away from the sea and the beach.

Sea and beach are forbidden for at least 3 months after a hair transplant. While the sea damages the hair follicles, the hairline fills with sand and the newly transplanted hair roots are deprived of air.

  • You can take care that it does not clash with festivities.

Although 10 days are sufficient for the basic healing process of hair transplants, there are rules that should be followed even after 10 days. If you do not want the hair transplant to restrict your life, you can make sure that it does not coincide with important celebrations.

  • The best time for hair transplants is spring.

It is not preferred to expose the transplanted hair to excessive hot or cold air after the hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be performed at any time of the year, but the best time for hair transplantation is spring.

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When is hair transplantation performed? the answer to this question is very closely related to the success of hair transplantation. Please note the simple precautions listed above when choosing your surgery day.


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