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What is the donor area?

One of the most important steps in hair transplants is the donor region, also called giver region. In hair transplantation, the donor region is the area where the hair roots to be transplanted into the hairless area are collected. The definition of this region is therefore very important.

The hair root in the neck, which has little or no hair loss, is located between the two ears. Therefore, the neck is chosen as the donor region for hair transplantation. This is because the hair roots in the neck are strong and are collected from here during hair transplants to match the hair. This means that 3 to 4 hair roots are taken from the neck at the same time, while this number decreases to 1 or 2 as it approaches the ear. Therefore, selecting the neck as the donor region for hair transplantation increases the success of the operation.

hair donor area_2
hair donor area_2

According to the motto, the more you give the more you get. Because the hair roots in the neck are stronger, more hair roots are transplanted into the bald area.

In operations with the FUE micromotor, which is a device that shortens the operation, the hair must be shaved so that the hair root can be removed from the donor area more easily.

Of course, the neck is not the only donor region for hair transplantation. Besides the neck, there are also other donor sites. These are:

– Mandible and maxilla.

– Breast,

– Shoulder, back,

– Legs.

Donor regions for hair transplants

Why do we share this information? Because the hair root in the back of some people’s neck can be weak. Or it could have been damaged in an accident or a burn.

In such cases, these areas are best suited for hair transplantation. It is worth mentioning that hair roots taken from areas outside the neck may not have a natural appearance. Because the structure of the hair on our body is different from the structure of the hair on our head.

In order to understand this, some centres carry out test transplants.

The neck is the most efficient donor region

The hair root in the neck is considered the most efficient donor site for hair transplants if there are no health problems or severe hair loss. Because the loss rate of the hair root on your neck is much lower than on the top of your head.

Based on this information, we can say the following: In this case, the probability that the hair roots to be transplanted will fall out is lower.

Hair transplantation

The density of the donor area is important

As mentioned above, the density of the hair root to be collected from the donor area is of great importance in hair transplantation. Therefore, the degree of hair loss before hair transplantation is measured. The information obtained from this measurement is the average of the number of hair roots per greft per square centimeter. The average hair density in adults is between 250 – 300.

Another important issue is the difference between hair volume and density. The shape or thickness of your hair strand can cause your hair to look fuller. However, this does not mean that your hair is thick. Hair density is measured by doctors in hair transplant centres using a device called a densitometer.

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