What is a hair suture?

The process, commonly known as hair suturing or hair sewing, is actually a hair transplant. Sewing of hair, which is used in the sense of transplanting rather than sewing, is widely used nowadays. So what is a hair transplant suture, or hair transplantation? How is it performed?

How is a hair suture performed?

What is a hair suture? Hair transplantation and hair transfer

Hair loss for various reasons can have a negative influence on the psychology of a person. It is desirable that hair roots that are lost or damaged due to genetics, malnutrition, stress or burning/accident are gained by using various methods. So what are these methods? There are different methods depending on the cause of hair loss. In case of hair loss due to stress and malnutrition, drugs or solutions are used, in case of genetic hair loss, the most effective and only treatment is the hair suture, i.e. hair transplantation.

Today there are 2 different hair transplantation methods. These are FUE and FUT. Due to the various disadvantages that result from this, the FUT method is hardly used in our country.

However, with the many advantages it offers, the FUE method is the most widespread and even the most preferred method.

The best known advantage of FUE is that it does not leave scars on the neck, i.e. in the donor area, and that more hair roots can be transplanted. With the FUT technique, a 15 cm long scar forms in the donor area. For these reasons, FUE is the most preferred method by both doctors and hair transplanters.


Everything you need to know about hair transplantation is covered from A-Z at the bottom of our article.

How is hair transplantation performed?


Importance of the natural image in the hair suture

With hair sutures or other hair transplants it is very important to capture the natural image. This means that roots that are not transplanted at the right angle grow steeply. This unnatural image is known among people as the grass-man image, and it is a condition that people who have hair transplants done will never want this to happen to them. As the name suggests, it has been given this name because its roots, which are not transplanted at natural angles, grow like grass.

What you need to know before a hair suture

As you will appreciate, no one is having their hair sutured to become healthier. Hair sutures are performed under aesthetic considerations. But if it is not used properly, it can endanger our health. Therefore, before hair transplantation, there are some important points to consider when choosing a hair transplant centre. These are:

  • In our country only doctors are allowed to perform hair sutures. When you go for an examination, ask for your doctor’s diploma. This is your natural right!
  • Persons who present themselves with titles such as hair transplant specialist and medical-aesthetic specialist are not allowed to perform hair transplants. As mentioned above, only doctors can perform hair sutures.
  • – Hair sutures cannot be performed in offices or apartments. Hair transplants can only be carried out in hospitals and health care facilities that have been approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • – Ask the doctor for a reference. Check the photos of the patients he has previously transplanted and talk to the patients. This information will help you learn more about your doctor.


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