Washing after hair transplantation

Washing after hair transplantation

In order for the hair transplantation to lead to successful results and to restore your new hair, the first week after the hair transplantation is as important as the hair transplantation. Washing after hair transplantation is one of the things that should be done after the operation.

Washing after hair transplantation can also be done at home.

Washing after hair transplantation is a sensitive issue that requires attention. It is important to understand the importance of washing after hair transplantation and to carry out washing according to the rules.

  • Normal washing is done 3-4 days after the hair transplant, but this should be done with a lotion and without rubbing until the crusts have fallen off.
  • Washing after hair transplantation is a procedure that can be performed alone in obligatory situations. However, it is recommended to have a person with you to help you with the application, so that it is easier for you.
  • The first washing after a hair transplant should be done on the 3rd or 4th day according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  • It is recommended that the first washing after hair transplantation is done by nurses in a hospital.
  • It is recommended to wash the hair regularly at least once a day for 15 days.
  • It is very important to wash the hair according to certain rules.
  • The first washing after the hair transplantation takes 30 minutes.

Why is it important?

For the first washing after the hair transplant, which can be done by the nurses at home or at the hair transplant centre,

1.            your hair roots, during the first washing after hair transplantation, are not fully adjusted to their place and a wrong movement can cause damage to your hair roots

2.            during the first washing after the hair transplantation, the crusts that have formed after the operation begin to fall off, thus ensuring that the hair root can breathe.

3.            crusts that are cleaned during washing after hair transplantation can damage the hair root if washing is not done in accordance with the rules.

4.            after hair transplantation, after the first washing and subsequent washing, the hair roots can adjust to their position and begin to nourish themselves.

5.            washing after hair transplantation is important because the hair roots, which are damaged by not washing the first time, may not grow.

After hair transplantation, there are important tasks for the patient to ensure that the newly transplanted hair roots grow successfully.

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How is it done?

Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, this is the appropriate time to wash the transplanted hair on the 3rd day after the hair transplantation. We recommend that you inform your doctor that you are performing the first washing of your hair.

STEP 1: Preparation

Our first step is to prepare you so that you can move comfortably when washing your hair. The preparation phase consists of carrying and preparing the materials necessary for washing your hair. Because looking for them can lead to problems. It is advantageous to have a person with you who can help you.

Necessary materials for washing after hair transplantation

  • Softening lotion: (Used only during the first wash.) It softens the hair root, which softens the crusts after the first wash, so that the hair root can easily separate from the crusts and it is very important for washing after hair transplantation.
  • Lukewarm water: The water temperature is a very important detail. It is recommended to use a properly functioning shower head that does not cause rapid changes or sudden splashes. Such an unexpected and rarely experienced situation will cause damage to your hair root. The water should be lukewarm and pressureless.
  • Shampoo: You can use a daily shampoo after a hair transplant or choose special shampoos if recommended by your doctor.
  • Soft towel: How the towel is and how it is used after hair transplantation is very important. Make sure to choose a soft towel. You can also choose a hairdryer instead of towels, but you must be sensitive about how you use them.

STEP 2: Using a lotion after hair transplantation

The application of lotion after hair transplantation softens the crusts formed in the hair roots after the operation and lets them fall off slowly without damaging the hair root. The purpose of applying a lotion after hair transplantation is to soften the crusts before washing.

Use of Bepanthol lotion after hair transplant

Bepanthol lotion is most often recommended by doctors for use after hair transplants. However, you should make sure that the product you receive is not solid and thick like cream or ointment and has a liquid and soft consistency that is sold as a lotion. In addition to using the Bepanthol lotion after a hair transplant, other brands of the same consistency can be used. In this case, however, the correct use of the lotion recommended by your doctor is the right choice.

Bepanthol lotion is known to have wound healing properties. However, the main purpose of using the cream when washing after hair transplantation is that the crusts become softer during washing and can fall off more easily than the wound heals. The use of bepanthol after hair transplantation is preferred because it has a supporting structure for both purposes. However, there is currently no information that the use of bepanthol for washing after hair transplantation has a healing effect on the hair roots.

After the preparatory step, we are ready for washing after hair transplantation. To do this, first apply the lotion recommended by your doctor (BEPHANTHEN lotion) between your fingers.

  • Then touch the transplanted area with your fingers.
  • It is important that the lotion is taken liberally.
  • Do not make any rubbing movements with your hand.
  • Apply the lotion with gentle touches so that all your transplanted hair roots are touched.
  • Make sure that the lotion covers your dense and white transplanted hair roots.
  • Leave it on in this way for 20 minutes to 1 hour.

(The crusts on your scalp must become soft. This time varies from person to person depending on the rate of crusting).

The one-time lotion treatment after hair transplantation does not nourish the hair. It should ensure that the coagulated blood in the hair root disappears after the operation without damaging the sensitive hair root. For washing after hair transplantation, the hair root that has just begun to heal, a Bephanthen lotion with cell regeneration function is suitable.

STEP 3: Washing the hair

The third step after the hair transplantation is the washing of the hair. The hair roots, which are affected by the lotion, will be ready for washing by soaking. First, you can optionally wipe away the excess lotion with a soft paper napkin or towel by “just touching” it lightly.

  • Adjust the water temperature
  • Make sure that the water does not flow too fast.
  • Run the water gently over your hair.
  • After making sure that the lotion is gone, take the shampoo in your hands and lather it up.
  • Gently touch your head with your foamed hand. Continue this process slowly until the hair root gets enough lather.
  • Allow the foam to penetrate your hair root with very light finger movements.
  • And rinse out your hair.
  • You can repeat the hair wash process twice.

Which shampoo should be used after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, an anti-allergenic shampoo with pH 5.5, free of parabens, should be used. When choosing the shampoo after hair transplantation, it is correct to use the shampoo recommended by your doctor. In addition, many doctors state that you can continue using the shampoo you use daily in a natural way after a hair transplant. In other words, you can use the shampoo you always use or you can choose baby shampoos without parabens, organic pH compatible shampoos, anti-allergic shampoos and specially formulated shampoos for use after a hair transplant.

There is no research that special nourishing shampoos are effective for hair roots in this new period.

STEP 4: Drying the hair

The last step of washing after the hair transplantation is to dry the hair. This can be done with a hair dryer or a soft towel. It is recommended not to leave the hair root wet after washing.

Drying with a soft towel:

Leave the soft towel on your rinsed hair and then pull it away. No rubbing movements should be performed. When drying your hair, take the towel in the palm of your hand, press gently on your transplanted hair and pull it back again to absorb the water.

Continue this process until the excess water is removed from the hair roots.

Drying with a dryer:

You can also dry your hair with a hairdryer, but here are some things you should pay attention to. Let the hairdryer run on the lowest setting. The hairdryer should have the lowest temperature… and be 30 cm away from the roots. Even if it takes a long time to dry your hair, you will dry your hair without damaging the roots.

You can undergo hair mesotherapy or PRP to make your hair stronger and healthier after a hair transplant. You can find more information in our article entitled Hair sealing methods.

The last washing after the hair transplant

The last washing time after hair transplantation is directly proportional to the disappearance of the crusts. After the crusts have completely fallen off, the lotion process after hair transplantation is finished and normal washing is started.

This is the last wash that is done specifically after the hair transplant, and then the normal washing and massage process begins. After the last washing with lotion after hair transplantation, it is necessary to wash the hair carefully and accompany it with a massage.

Washing rules after hair transplantation

1.            your newly transplanted hair must not come into contact with water before the 3rd day

2.            wash your hair, if possible after the first washing, 1 or 2 times a day for at least 15 days

3.            do not exert pressure on your hair after the hair transplantation.

4.            DO NOT rub the hair roots.

5.            do not use any products other than those recommended (cream, gel, spray).

6.            prefer shampoo and care products recommended by your doctor.

7.            carefully adjust the duration of lotion use and make sure that the lotion does not act less than necessary

8.            If you need to use a lotion other than the recommended one, be sure to consult your doctor.

9.            do not leave your hair wet, dry it very carefully.

10.          if possible, have the washing procedure performed at the hair transplant center after the hair transplantation


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