The second hair transplantation

Like any other development in the field of medicine, hair transplantation renews itself from day to day. New methods, new medicine

There are some requirements for a second hair transplant

The daily development of the devices and the doctors, increases the success rate of hair transplants. The hair transplant centres represent a hope for the people suffering from hair loss day after day. In addition to these positive developments, there is sometimes a need for a second hair transplant for various reasons.

Unfortunately, in addition to these positive developments, unwanted unsuccessful results in hair transplants can still occur due to unqualified people, some incorrect applications and choices.

Sometimes an incorrect application, sometimes a little carelessness and sometimes dissatisfaction pave the way for a second hair transplant. But whatever happens, there is a chance that a second hair transplant can be performed. Because what would happen if there was no such possibility? What would we do then? Anyway, let’s start with our article.

What are the reasons for a second hair transplant?

The first is the restoration and correction, which is performed due to the previously mentioned unsatisfactory results, and the other is the hair transplant surgery, which requires a large area of balding and a high number of graft ttransplantations. The third reason is that the first hair transplantation is carried out with the person’s wish in case of persistent hair loss and with small graft numbers, and then repeated in the following years according to the degree of hair loss.

1- Corrective procedure of incorrectly performed hair transplantation for renewal and correction purposes,

2- Hair transplantation, which requires a large number of graft transplants,

3- Hair transplants performed in cases of persistent hair loss.

1- Hair transplants carried out for renewal and correction purposes

As in all areas of health, it is very important to consult professional teams and experienced doctors for hair transplants. But unfortunately, even in our country, we can still say that hair transplants can be performed in unlicensed places and by non-doctors. In addition to cheaper surgery prices, advertisements can direct people to choose such places. In such places, hair transplants lead to unwanted results and an unnatural appearance or expectations are not met.

So why is a second hair transplant performed?

– The anterior hairline is not natural.

– Incorrect calculation of the number of grafts to be transplanted.

– Failure to store hair roots under suitable conditions,

– Improper planning of hair transplantation

– Failure to observe the rules that must be observed after a hair transplant.

The only way to avoid such mistakes is to carefully select the right hair transplant center in the preoperative decision phase. Good research is necessary for this. It is very important that the person who performs hair transplantation is a doctor approved by the Ministry of Health and that the reference persons who have already received hair transplantation are consulted.

If at that time the donor area of the person is available and at least one year has passed between the two hair transplants, there is no problem in performing a second hair transplant. Since hair transplants are only possible with the person’s own hair strand, the second hair transplant cannot be performed if the donor area is not suitable or was used up in the previous hair transplant.

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2- Hair transplants that require a large number of grafts

Nowadays the most common technique is FUE. Up to 3000 grafts can be transplanted in one session. If the donor area of the patient is suitable, the second hair transplantation comes into play here. If a larger number of grafts are required, then we wait for 12 months and, depending on the condition of the newly growing hair roots, we perform the second operation.

Especially if more than 5000 grafts are needed, the second hair transplant is waited for up to a year, so that the donor site is not used up with a single operation. In very special cases, the second operation can be performed after 6 months, but the ideal procedure is 1 year. One year later, after complete recovery, the second hair transplantation is performed.

3- Hair transplantation performed in case of persistent hair loss

Although this is not recommended, people who suffer from genetic hair loss at an early age may want to have a hair transplant before the hair loss is complete. Hair transplantation will be performed. After the hair transplantation, it may be necessary to perform the second hair transplant because the hair loss continues.

How often can hair transplantation be performed?

It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question. Hair transplantation can be repeated if the person does not have a disease that affects the operation in terms of general health conditions. However, the most important factor is that the donor area of the person is suitable for the operation. If the donor area is adequate, the person may have more than one hair transplant. It is well known that there are different donor areas outside the neck region. For example, a hair transplant can be carried out with chest hair if necessary.


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