Methods for thicker hair

Hair loss leads to thinning and unaesthetic appearance in a short time. There are several methods that can be used to thicken your hair before your hair loss leads to baldness.  What are the hair sealing methods? How are they applied? What are the benefits of the hair sealing methods?

There are different methods for thickening the hair. Depending on the problem of the person and the characteristics of the hair, different hair sealing methods can be applied.

These methods can be used individually or in combination. The hair can be nourished, strengthened and thickened.

What are the benefits of hair thickening methods?

The hair thickening methods are divided into 6 categories.

Hair thickening methods have a positive effect on the hair root:

  • Delays baldness by reducing loss when used regularly, starting in the early periods.
  • Helps to eliminate annoying bald areas and baldness.
  • Helps hair strands become more aesthetic by nourishing and thickening them.
  • Provides regrowth of thinning hair.
  • Extends the life of the hair root.
  • Reduces the effect of testosterone in androgen-induced male baldness, allowing the hair root to regenerate.
  • Accelerates the recovery of the natural shape of the hair in case of loss due to lack of nutrition.

Hair thickening methods have positive effects on the psychology of the person. The person who sees every morning that his hair is falling out and therefore becomes unhappy and stressed feels better thanks to these methods. For the person who can reduce or stop hair loss, self-confidence increases and social relationships develop. The person who regains their aesthetic and natural looking hair feels happier and better.

First of all, I would like to point out that every hair loss is individual and the methods of thickening hair vary from person to person. The methods that can be used depending on the extent of hair loss are different and the methods that are effective depending on the causes of hair loss are different.

For example, the procedure for thickening hair is not the same for the person who suffers from hair loss only due to stress and for the person with moderate genetic loss of the male type.

Once you know the hair thickening methods, you must have a hair analysis done and decide together with your doctor which method is necessary for you.

What are the hair thickening methods?

Hair thickening methods can be divided into 6 basic categories. The effect of these methods can vary depending on the degree of hair loss or the properties of the hair.

1-Hair care cures and care products

It is especially effective for people with temporary hair loss who suffer from mild seasonal or periodic loss. It causes hair to become thick and appear voluminous.

Hair care cures and hair care products alone can never be effective in cases of intense hair loss. If you have weak, quickly breaking hair, you can use hair care treatments. Hair care cures, are very effective for stressed hair due to external influences, styling processes, colouring etc.

Remember that hair care cures and products are only effective with regular and long-term use.

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2- Various nourishing and strengthening medicines:

The point here is that you should not take medication that is only recommended by friends or acquaintances. The best way to do this is after a blood test is done, after you know what vitamins you really need.

If your hair begins to thin and fall out, it is not always enough to feed it from the outside with shampoo and serum. Hair roots are nourished by the capillaries of our body. We need to feed our hair from both inside and outside. Food supplements that are suitable for the hair structure and ensure that the hair is nourished are an effective method of thickening the hair in cases of slight hair loss.

  • Make sure that your caring and strengthening medications are natural.
  • Do not use these medicines without consulting your doctor.
  • Choose reliable brands
  • Use them regularly

Many people can be persuaded to take such drugs when they are in a sensitive phase and forget about it or stop taking them within a short time. For effective regeneration, remember that your hair needs regular and balanced vitamins.

The food you eat is also important for strengthening your hair ⇒ Foods that nourish the hair

3-PRP as hair thickening method

This method, which accelerates cell regeneration through the body’s own blood and enables the supply and regeneration of the hair structure by direct injection into the hair root, shows its effect within 6-8 months after application and helps to revitalize the falling hair root. The PRP method is a successful method, which has been widely used in the field of aesthetics especially in recent years and is often recommended by doctors. PRP is obtained by activating platelets in one’s own blood by centrifugation. This process is completed in about half an hour, whereby 1 tube of blood is taken from the person. Blood cells enriched with platelets are injected into the person’s hairline to ensure natural cell regeneration.

What is important here is the degree of hair thinning. In addition to PRP, people who have started to lose more than 40% of their hair need support from other methods.

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4- Hair vaccine

The main substance of the hair vaccine is the extracellular matrix and Prp. The Hair Vaccine, which has very effective cell regenerating properties, is very efficient in stopping hair loss and strengthening the hair when injected at the hair root.

The basis of the hair vaccine is the extracellular matrix from pig bladder. After the miraculous property of cell renewal of this substance was discovered, it was called a revolution. The extracellular matrix was first used in the USA for the treatment of wound burns and organ ruptures.

All rights to the hair vaccine are held by the company that found this product. It is forbidden to produce and use the original hair vaccine from another company. In Turkey, there are centers that buy the company’s original product and apply the hair vaccine correctly. Pay attention to this detail to achieve an effective result.

Further information about hair vaccination ⇒ hair vaccination


Methods for thickening the hair

This method, which contains hair-nourishing vitamins, revitalizes the hair roots that have lost their vitality and thickens the hair structure. Hair mesotherapy contains vitamins, minerals, various oligo-elements and some medicines. They are combined in the most suitable ratio for the hair and injected into the hair root. After the hair mesotherapy, which lasts about half an hour, the person can return to daily activities.

With hair mesotherapy, hair roots can be strengthened again when hair thinning begins.

This slows down hair loss and thickened hair strands make the hair look more voluminous and better. This method, which is very effective especially at the beginning of hair loss, does not work very well with advanced baldness.

The frequency of applying hair mesotherapy varies according to the patient.

You can find more information about hair mesotherapy here ⇒ Hair mesotherapy

6- Hair transplantation as hair sealing method

Hair transplantation is one of the methods of sealing the hair. After hair loss has reached a certain stage, other hair sealing methods are no longer sufficient and hair transplantation is necessary to ensure hair thickening.

Hair transplantation performed to thicken the hair can be performed today very comfortably and easily. When hair transplant surgery is performed to thicken the hair, the operation is performed with a small number of grafts. This small operation is repeated if necessary to compensate for the bald areas before the hair loss increases.

The use of other hair thickening methods before and after hair transplants increases the success of the operation.

You must also pay attention to your diet to get thicker hair …

The vitamins and nutrient types that nourish your hair can be found in our article ” Nutrition after hair transplantation”.



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