Hair transplantation without shave

Hair transplantation without shave

Especially in the last 5 years, the success of natural looking hair transplants has led to an acceleration of studies that will increase the comfort of the patient. One of these studies is hair transplantation without shaving.

Hair transplantation without shaving can be used in the FUT and FUE method. The FUT method has now been almost abandoned due to its own disadvantages. In this article we will talk about “Hair transplantation without shaving in the FUE method”, as this is the most commonly used hair transplantation method.

Before the normal hair transplantation, the patient’s hair is cut to the number 1 (approx. 3 mm short). Hair shaving is performed by hair transplant centres so that the doctor can analyse the condition of the hair for the last time on the day of the operation.

Why do they shave the hair?

This situation, which is not a problem for men who are used to wearing their hair short, makes hair transplants more comfortable. The main reason for shaving the hair during normal operations is that the doctor and the hair transplant team can see the hair root more easily and mobility in the transplant area is more comfortable.

After shaving the hair before hair transplantation, the areas to be transplanted can be shortened to zero during the operation if necessary. In the areas where the hair shortened with a razor is located, the channels are opened and the grafts are transplanted.

Hair roots in the donor region make it difficult to use manual punch or the micromotor. The micromotor process, in which the hair roots can be loosened individually, can be applied much faster to the short shaved hair.

The clearest and most basic answer to the question of why hair is shaved is that the hair transplant doctor can work much more easily in this way.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hair transplantation without shaving?

While a hair transplantation without shaving is not an advantage for the doctor, the advantages, especially for the patient, can be listed as follows

  • A hair transplant without shave disguises a hair transplant
  • Ideal for people who do not want to give up the existing hairstyle even after the operation.
  • Quickly removes the unaesthetic image in the donor area.
  • The return to daily life is much faster.
  • It is an ideal solution, especially for women who do not want a male haircut.
  • It prevents women from waiting years for their hair to reach an average length.
  • Men who wear their hair long do not need to have their hair cut.

In addition to these advantages, hair transplantation without shaving also has some disadvantages.

  • The biggest disadvantage of hair transplantation without shaving is the duration. Hair transplants without shaving take much longer. The operation time can be extended by 50% for hair transplants without shaving. (An operation that takes 5 hours may take 7-8 hours).
  • Hair transplantation without shaving requires much more effort and patience, especially for the hair transplant team.
  • It is more difficult to provide a hygienic environment.
  • For hair transplantations without shaving, the price may be higher.
  • The risk of complications after the operation is slightly higher. Patients may need to show greater care.


You can find detailed information on the performance of hair transplants in our article:

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How is hair transplantation performed without shaving?

Hair transplantation without shaving can be performed in two different ways.

1. regional shaving:

Regional shaving is used for transplants where 1000 to 1500 gtafts are transplanted. Only a small area of the donor area is shaved. A rectangular area of 10 × 5 cm is shaved at the neck before the operation.

2. completely unshaven hair transplantation:

A completely unshaved hair transplantation is preferred especially for women with long hair and people who prefer to wear their hair longer than 15 to 20 cm. The normal FUE technique is also used for completely unshaven hair transplants. A completely unshaven hair transplant is a long lasting operation that requires intensive work, especially compared to normal transplantation. A completely unshaved hair transplantation may result in hair loss.

The suitability for hair transplantation without shaving is determined after the hair analysis performed by the doctor.

Why are the prices for hair transplants without shaving higher?

Especially for hair transplants without shaving, the surgery prices increase. The main reason for this are operations that require more effort and time. These procedures carry a risk because of the longer operation times and the success of hair transplants. In order to complete the operation successfully, the effort and time spent by the hair transplant team and the doctor are much higher. This is reflected in the operation prices. At the same time, hair transplantation without shaving is a rare procedure. Not all hair transplant centres perform hair transplants without shaving. This increases the prices for hair transplantation without shaving.


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