Frequently asked questions about hair transplantation

Every third person in the world suffers from hair loss. Hair loss is a persistent problem that can cause hair loss in some people and it occurs to every person from time to time, in some people it is a permanent problem that can lead to baldness. The best solution for permanent hair loss is hair transplantation. In this article, we have collected the answers to the most common questions about hair transplantation for you.

What is the latest technique in hair transplantation?

The person who starts their research with the idea of hair transplantation first asks themselves which hair transplantation technique is the best. Medical technology, is evolving from day to day, and the studies on this subject are developing and changing, but there is only one clear answer to this problem. The latest technique accepted in the medical literature is FUE.

The FUE technique is being developed with various additional applications and new medical devices. These innovations lead to the emergence of the FUE technique, with new names.

  • Robotic hair transplantation, where the FUE technique is applied with a robot
  • DHI hair transplantation technique, which allows faster application of the FUE technique with newly manufactured medical pins.
  • The FUE transplantation technique with PRP, which allows the application of the FUE technique with the support of PRP,

These are additional applications that are performed with the FUE hair transplant method, as a new generation of hair transplant surgery.

The studies on hair cloning will continue, but hair cloning cannot be performed today.

About the choice of the hair transplant centre

Another issue that most concerns people who want a hair transplant is where to have the hair transplant performed. It would be wrong to give a single answer on the choice of the hair transplant centre. There is no hair transplant center which is the best, there are good hair transplant centers. What needs to be done here is careful research. What needs to be considered when choosing a hair transplant center should be considered.

When choosing a hair transplant centre you should pay special attention to 5 points.

  • Go to centers that are approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Visit the centres in person after a detailed internet research
  • Keep in mind that advertising budgets increase the price of hair transplants.
  • Look at the before and after photos with caution.
  • Be sure to look at the reference.

About hair transplant surgery and the healing process

  • Anyone aged 18 or over can have a hair transplant if necessary. The most frequent topics and answers
  • Your donor area must be sufficient for a successful hair transplant. This problem can only be determined by hair analysis. Hair analysis can be performed free of charge in hair transplant centres.
  • Hair transplants are not performed on HIV and hepatitis B patients.
  • The best donor area for hair transplants is the neck region. The chest and back region can be used as donor area if necessary.
  • Hair transplants take between 4 and 8 hours.
  • For a healthy and comfortable transplantation the hair must be cut. In some cases, hair transplantation can be performed without cutting the hair. The most interesting thing about hair transplantation is the healing process. After the operation, the donor area is bandaged and the patient gets rid of these bandages after 3-4 days. After the first washing, the healing process of the transplanted area begins.

To better understand the postoperative process, please read our article “The things to consider after a hair transplant”. This will tell you in detail what you need to pay attention to after a hair transplant.

  • You can return to your daily activities after a hair transplant.
  • The rest period after the hair transplantation is preferably 2-3 days.
  • Antibiotics are taken for one week after the operation.
  • Since hair transplants are performed under local anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain.
  • It takes about 1 year for your new hair to reach the best condition after the hair transplantation.
  • There will be no scarring when transplanted with the FUE method.
  • The price of hair transplantation varies between 2 thousand tl and 10 thousand tl, depending on the centre you prefer and the amount of grafts to be transplanted.
  • The hair that has been transplanted does not fall out.
  • Additional applications such as PRP, hair vaccine and hair mesotherapy, which can be performed after hair transplantation, provide nutrition and strengthening of the hair.

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