For which diseases can hair transplants be performed?

For which diseases can hair transplantation be performed?

It is known that there are several factors that influence hair transplantation. The age range of the person to whom the hair transplant is performed, the suitability of the donor area and the extent of hair loss are some of these factors. Another important factor is the health condition of the patient. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease are common diseases in our country and in the world. Is hair transplantation possible in the presence of a disease?

Hair transplantation in case of diseases

Can diabetics have hair transplants?

Hair transplants for diseases and factors that influence the transplantation.

Is hair transplantation possible in case of diseases? Can diabetics have hair transplants?

The answer to this question is both “yes” and “no”.

Hair transplantation is an operation that is easy to perform for anyone at a certain age and with certain degrees of hair loss. However, the person who wants a hair transplant must inform his doctor that he wants a hair transplant. By doctor is meant a doctor who deals with a person’s illness. In order to avoid any risk during hair transplantation, his opinion should be sought first and then the hair transplant doctor should be consulted. As you may appreciate, not everyone has the same level of sugar. The medication used by patients may also vary. The sugar level of the person with diabetes should be under control before the hair transplantation.

The person who will have a hair transplant should discuss the medications and vitamins they are using with the hair transplant doctor. Because the medication and dosage used by each diabetic is different. Some diabetics have to take blood-thinning medication, which can be a risk in hair transplants. Hair transplantation is not recommended for these people.


One of the most curious topics in hair transplants is anesthesia. What is anaesthesia for hair transplants?


Can hypertensive patients have a hair transplant?

Hypertensive patients must obtain the permission of their doctor before a hair transplant. Blood pressure is kept under control during the entire operation by giving the patient the necessary medication before the operation. In this way, the operation is comfortable for both the patient and the doctor.

The medications and vitamins you use are important for hair transplantation in case of illness.

Can heart patients have a hair transplant?

The answer to this question is both “yes” and “no”. This means that if a person with heart disease who has not undergone heart surgery decides to have a hair transplant, they should first consult their own doctor (cardiologist), get his or her consent and have new tests done if necessary. Hair transplantation is not recommended for heart patients who have undergone heart surgery. However, the opinion of the heart doctor is important. If the cardiologist gives the patient consent to hair transplantation, the operation can be performed.

Can hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV patients have hair transplants?

There is no problem to perform hair transplantation in patients with hepatitis B. However, hair transplants are not performed on HIV patients with hepatitis C and AIDS.

Can haemophilia patients have a hair transplant?

Haemophilia patients who are known not to clot or to clot late are not eligible for hair transplants. Since hair transplantation is an operation that takes about 4 to 8 hours and slight bleeding occurs during the operation. Haemophilia patients are not given hair transplants because the blood is constantly being diluted and clotted, and it can endanger the patient’s life.

For which diseases is hair transplantation performed? For which not?


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