Does transplanted hair fall out?

Does transplanted hair fall out?

The question of whether the hair will fall out is one of the most questioned issues in hair transplantation. Since the hair roots for hair transplantation are taken from the neck, the probability of hair loss is very low. This is because the hair roots in your neck are known to be permanent and stronger than your natural hair, which will fall out.

Does transplanted hair fall out? – There’s a small chance that they will fall out

The survival time of the hair root in the neck is longer than that of other hair roots. For this reason, the hair roots remain intact despite the age-related hair loss and the age-related hair weakness in the neck. Therefore, the answer to the question whether the transplanted hair can fall out is yes and no. So, yes, your hair may possibly fall out, but since the hair is taken from your neck, the loss will occur late. However, in some people the neck region is thinner and in some people it is more intense. These genetic differences vary depending on the number of hair roots contained in a single graft.

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How to analyze the stage of hair loss

  • When a large number of strands stick between your fingers,
  • If you see a remarkable number of strands near you,
  • If your hair density decreases noticeably,
  • If the drain is blocked by your hair after a shower,
  • When a large number of hairs accumulate in the comb within a short time,
  • If your hair is weaker than before, you can consult your doctor and get solutions for your hair loss.

Will the transplanted hair fall out? Does all hair loss lead to baldness?

Not all hair loss leads to baldness. This was one of the points we wanted to draw attention to in the first paragraph, in which we answered the question of whether the transplanted hair falls out.

The fact that the hair structure is strong and healthy does not mean that the hair will not fall out. Healthy hair strands can also fall out. This is a natural process as long as the hair roots are strong. Hair roots have 3 different phases. Once the strands have fallen out, a new process begins to replace the strands. This process, which we call hair growth cycle, is often experienced in human life. As part of this process, hair loss is part of a healthy and natural process. It should not be confused with the loss that causes baldness.

Our hair will fall out in its own growth and developmental and loss phase and immediately afterwards new hair roots will grow from the roots. The point to consider here is the structure and strength of the hair root.

Will transplanted hair fall out? Are the hairs permanent?

As a result, it is necessary to distinguish the hair loss that causes baldness from the hair loss that occurs for regeneration within the normal hair cycle. The hair roots taken from the neck during hair transplantation will not fall out like your other hair roots due to the different genetic structure, which will lead to baldness.


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