Can sport be done after hair transplantation?

Sport after hair transplantation

Sport has an important place in the lives of many people today, whether for the purpose of a healthy life or as a hobby. In fact, people who make sport a part of their lives do not interrupt their sport, even if they travel to another city for holiday or business reasons. Our topic is whether it is allowed to do sports after a hair transplantation? For people who suffer from hair loss and are interested in sports, this topic is very important. Is it possible to do sports after hair transplantation? Does sport have a negative influence on the transplanted region? In this article we will explain the answers to these questions in detail. Have fun reading…

Can sport be done after a hair transplant?

If you exercise after a hair transplant, it may damage your transplanted hair.

There are factors that influence the success of hair transplantation performed for aesthetic reasons. The hair transplant technique, the donor area of the patient, the doctor who will perform the surgery and the recommendations that the patient must follow after the surgery are the factors that influence the success of the surgery. It is the patient’s duty to follow the rules that must be followed after the hair transplantation. Sport is one of them.

Is sport allowed after hair transplantation? Answer: After hair transplantation performed with the FUE method, sport should not be performed for about 1-2 months. Sport after hair transplantation is not recommended as it can damage the transplanted hair root. This is because during sport the body is stretched, sweats and depending on the type of sport, you may bump your head. Sport after a hair transplantation prevents your hair root from healing properly. This is because during sport your blood pressure and heart rate rise. This increase also leads to bleeding in the channels where the hair root is located and can directly damage your hair root.

3 to 4 days after the hair transplantation, light walks can be done, but as we have already said, these walks should be light walks. The body should never be strained or stretched. Therefore, whether or not sports are performed after hair transplantation has a significant influence on the success of the operation. Sport is not recommended up to 1-2 months after hair transplantation to prevent damage and loss of the hair root.

One should be more careful when operating with the FUT method

The above situation applies to operations using the FUE method. You should be even more careful with operations with the FUT method. Because in the FUE method, the grafts are removed one by one with a micromotor or a microset, whereas in the FUT method the grafts are removed as a 15 to 20 cm long incision. Consequently, both the hair transplant area and the donor area must be very carefully protected.

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What sports can be practiced after a hair transplantation?

Although it may vary depending on the condition of the person, non-strenuous exercises such as light walking and simple stretching movements are recommended. However, if bleeding is detected during these activities, the pace of exercise should be reduced and the doctor who performed the surgery should be notified.

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